Established in 2012, Unscene History is committed to the historical preservation and documentation of the Australian freestyle community.

Unscene History’s mission:

  • to record and document Australian freestyle history truthfully and to retain its cultural and sporting heritage.
  • to create a safe and secure location to preserve and archive Australian freestyle artifacts.
  • to provide opportunties for others to learn about Australian freestyle history, its culture and lifestyle.
  • to promote the importance in keeping freestyle history within the freestyle community.

About the Curator

Ross D Lavender grew up riding BMX bikes around the streets of inner city Brisbane during the 1980s. In 1988 Ross joined a local BMX club and spent the following two years racing BMX where in 1990, he made the transition from racing to freestyle and has since been involved in the Australian freestyle community and industry.

  • Competition rider 1991-2002
  • Writer for 2020 BMX magazine and REBELYELL BMX magazine.
  • BMX event organiser
  • Competition judge
  • Show rider
  • Co-founder Australia‚Äôs first online Flatland specific store, NEWCIRCLE.




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