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Unscene History is committed to the historical preservation and accurate documentation of the Brisbane Freestyle scene.

Unscene plans to highlight the diverse history surrounding the Brisbane Freestyle scene through regular news updates. Following the exhibit, Unscene continues to expand the timeline both before and after the original dates of 1985 – 1995. Unscene is commited to further research and archival of all local stories, photos and footage.

About the Curator

Like most kids of his generation, Ross D Lavender grew up riding BMX bikes around the streets of inner city Brisbane of the 1980s. In May 1988, Ross joined a local BMX club and spent the following two years racing BMX and travelling South East Queensland for race meets.

By mid 1990, Ross made the transition from racing to freestyle where he was greatly influenced by local Flatland and Street riders such as Tony Newton (Just Tricks), Robert Lewis, Jim Gallichan, Damien and Leif Nielsen, Greg Bohlsen, Fakie and Clint Millar (Colony BMX).

Since then he has been involved within the BMX industry for the past 18 years. This work includes performing demos, organising jams, judging contests, and writing for numerous publications including 2020 BMX (magazine) and REBELYELL BMX (magazine).

In 2009, Ross co-founded Australia’s first online Flatland specific store, NEWCIRCLE.








The Unscene Archives were established to compile and preserve the history and identity of BMX Freestyle in Brisbane.

The archives range from a variety of pieces including BMX frames and parts, clothing, uniforms, publications, advertisements, video, audio and other forms of communication.

Each piece is carefully researched to ensure its historical credibility and later digitised, coded and recorded into a database.

All artifacts are privately owned or donated to the Unscene Archives and safely stored in a suitable environment to prevent any further deterioration or modification.





In October 2013 we celebrated 10 years of Brisbane Freestyle history in this unique exhibition exclusive to Jugglers Art Space.

Unscene: A History of Brisbane Freestyle (1985-1995) was an historical exhibit documenting the lifestyle, culture, and sport of BMX Freestyle in Brisbane over the span of a decade.

The exhibit explored the rise in popularity of Freestyle in the 80s, the ‘death’ of BMX in the early 90s, through to the resurgance just prior to the Extreme Games era. The exhibit featured rare photographs, competition footage and locally made videos, zines, and magazines.

Through the exhibit, patrons were able to take a closer look at the clothing, safety gear,  bought and fabricated bikes and parts owned by some of Brisbane’s most iconic riders. They were also able to learn more about the evolution of competitons, jams, and the many changes to Beenleigh bike park over the past 25 years.

The exhibit allowed people to understand how local enforcment impacted the Freestyle culture – from helmet laws, to vagrancey, and the ‘no bikes on trains’ law.  They were able to explore how BMX was promoted through Freestyle teams including Just Tricks, GT Reebok, and Wheels Entertainment.

Viewers were able to watch rare competiton and riding footage, as well as some of the first BMX videos to come out of Brisbane such as Sex, Drugs, Rock n Rolls; Prody, and videos by the Drain Kids.
Rare Session ‘zines were available to read, and viewers were able to learn more about early documentation by riders for riders.

This exhibition was free of charge and open to the public on the 26th & 27th of October, 2013.

Jugglers Art Space
103 Brunswick Street,
Fortitude Valley,
Brisbane, QLD, 4006



Photographs from the Unscene Exhibit Opening:






Colony BMX is a Brisbane based bike company. Colony is Australia’s most successful BMX company and is distributed in over 25 countries across the world. Since it’s beginning in 2005, Colony has sponsored many riders, events, and competitions. Through these sponsorships, as well as through clever design and innovation, Colony has helped to shape BMX, particularly in Australia, into what it is today. Owner Clint Millar’s contribution to the local and national Freestyle scene has been paramount for over 25 years. Unscene History is proud to have Colony BMX as the major sponsor of this project.


Crossley Cycles is Brisbane oldest BMX only store. For 39 years Richard Crossley has been a Bicycle Mechanic in the Wynnum/Manly area where he opened Crossley Cycle Repairs in 1980.  Towards the end of 1989 and into the 1990’s Richard began to dabble in the Freestyle market where he made the switch from general bicycle sales to only BMX stock towards the late 1990’s. Crossley Cycles has been the go to store for a long time for many Brisbane locals and their experience in BMX repairs and maintenance new or old is second to none.


Lix BMX is the brainchild of Brisbane artist and rider Lix North. She has built a strong identity within the BMX community worldwide and continues to build traction locally with her Radventure group rides. Lix’s creative background is extensive; from fine art, graphic art and web design, to custom BMX builds and artwork. She brings her creative skill set to the Unscene project aesthetic; from logo and website design to illustrations and promotional material.


Hicks Sign Co. is a Brisbane based sign writing company owned by BMX Pro Glynn Hicks. Glynn specializes in traditional sign writing, screen printing, vinyl stickers, and graphic design. Strongly catered towards the BMX industry, Hicks Sign Co also has 23 years of experience in commercial signage and advertisements.
Prosixtyfive is your one-stop shop for Vintage BMX decals, pads, t-shirts, jerseys and number plates. Glynn has a wide range of old BMX parts available for trade and for sale. Be sure to contact Glynn if you are looking for that certain bike part, in need of any sign writing, screen printing or finishing touches to your BMX builds. We welcome Hicks Sign Co. to the Unscene project and recognise Glynn as a major soul brother in our BMX community.


  1. 4 Apr, 2017:

    11-17 April 1998

    Sony Playstation X Games – Southport, Queensland.
    The first Australian X Games event.


    1. Mike Daly (Sydney)
    2. Taj Mihelich (USA)
    3. Shane Smith (Brisbane)
    4. David Johnson
    5. Rob Smith (Sydney)
    6. Trevor King (Melbourne)
    7. Michael Canfield (Bayside)
    8. Kenny Raggett (Woolongong)
    9. Colin Mackay (Brisbane)
    10. Steve McCann (Melbourne)

    1. Jason Cussons
    2. Kym Grosser (Adelaide)
    3. Joel Bloeman (Tie)
    4. Taj Mihelich (USA) (Tie)
    5. Kenny Raggett (Woolongong)
    6. Ryan Brennan (USA)
    7. Ronny Reap
    8. Carl Wilson (Melbourne)
    9. Lee Martin (Woolongong)
    10. Dwayne Golding

    1. Matt O’Sullivan (Bayside)
    2. Brett Mason (Brisbane)
    3. Clint Millar (Bayside)
    4. Trevor King (Melbourne)
    5. Stewart Munro (Brisbane)

    1. David Johnson
    2. Shane Smith (Brisbane)
    3. Trevor King (Melbourne)
    4. Rob Smith (Sydney)
    5. Darren Hamill (Brisbane)
    6. Jamie Mahon (Sydney)

    Known Wildcard riders: Leo Thieussen (Brisbane), Simon O’Brien (Nowra), Chris Polack (Woolongong), Rhys Masey, Jason Aitken (Brisbane), Mark Schneider (Beenleigh), Reece Jordan, Rado Sadoma (Brisbane), Matt Holmes (Adelaide).

  2. 3 Apr, 2017:

    19 September 1999

    Heavy Metal Heroes 1 – Beenleigh, Queensland.

    Organised by Mark Schneider and held at Beenleigh Bike Park. Sponsored by Hoffman Bikes, Primo, Profile Racing and Volume Bikes. Competition to start after 11:00AM.


    Expert FLATLAND
    1. Brett Dighton (Brisbane)
    2. Lee Pinwill (Bayside)
    3. Kinnan Hamilton (Brisbane)

    1. Matty O’Sullivan (Bayside)
    2. Chris Moore (Brisbane)
    3. Brett Mason (Brisbane)

    Expert MINI
    1. Mick Bates
    2. Dale Forrester
    3. Corey Bohan (Logan)

    1. Clint Millar (Bayside)
    2. Matt Fairburn
    3. Justin Lamb

    Expert DIRT
    1. Tim Wright
    2. Corey Bohan (Logan)
    3. Lance Longhorn

    1. Matt Fairburn (Mebourne)
    2. Ben Whimhurst
    3. Justin Lamb

    Expert VERT
    1. Guy Taylor (Brisbane)
    2. Jason Crowherty
    3. Ryan Guettler (Beenleigh)

    1. Mark Schneider (Beenleigh)
    2. Matt Fairburn (Mebourne)
    3. Jamie Mahon (Sydney)


    1. Tim Wright
    2. Ryan Guettler (Beenleigh)
    3. Corey Bohan (Logan)

    Matt Fairburn (Mebourne) – DK / Insane

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