Colony BMX is a Brisbane based bike company. Colony is Australia’s most successful BMX company and is distributed in over 25 countries across the world. Since it’s beginning in 2005, Colony has sponsored many riders, events, and competitions. Through these sponsorships, as well as through clever design and innovation, Colony has helped to shape BMX, particularly in Australia, into what it is today. Owner Clint Millar’s contribution to the local and national Freestyle scene has been paramount for over 25 years. Unscene History is proud to have Colony BMX as the major sponsor of this project.


Crossley Cycles is Brisbane oldest BMX only store. For 39 years Richard Crossley has been a Bicycle Mechanic in the Wynnum/Manly area where he opened Crossley Cycle Repairs in 1980.  Towards the end of 1989 and into the 1990’s Richard began to dabble in the Freestyle market where he made the switch from general bicycle sales to only BMX stock towards the late 1990’s. Crossley Cycles has been the go to store for a long time for many Brisbane locals and their experience in BMX repairs and maintenance new or old is second to none.


Lix BMX is the brainchild of Brisbane artist and rider Lix North. She has built a strong identity within the BMX community worldwide and continues to build traction locally with her Radventure group rides. Lix’s creative background is extensive; from fine art, graphic art and web design, to custom BMX builds and artwork. She brings her creative skill set to the Unscene project aesthetic; from logo and website design to illustrations and promotional material.

Roberto’s Custom Powder specialises in the art of BMX and bicycle powder-coating. A mainstay of the Brisbane freestyle BMX movement since the early 90s, Roberto Lewis honed his craft on his own extensive collection of vintage BMX bikes. Mastering the complexities of colour-matching, finessing welds and serial numbers to achieve that much desired ‘new old stock’ appearance, RCP has set the benchmark in quality Australian powder-coating for BMX restoration and customisation. An integral part of the Unscene History project, Roberto has devoted both his historical knowledge of the Brisbane scene and his energy and expertise to refinishing frames and parts for our rider tribute bikes. 

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