This is the Fakie Interview. Not the Macaroni.

  1. 01. This is the Fakie Interview. Not the Macaroni.

  2. 02. Rider’s Reunion.

    Ryan Guettler is currently in town and seeing as he hasn’t seen some of his old crew for a good 20 years we figured a rider’s reunion was in order. This past weekend a whole bunch of us old Brisbane crew got together for a BBQ, catch up and a ride down at Beenleigh bike park. Thanks to Ryan for making a video of the day…

  3. 03. Clint Millar’s 41st Birthday Video

    I am fortunate to say Clint and I have been close friends for best part of 23 years. During that time Clint has grown from a one of Australia’s solid Flatlanders of the 1990s, to one of the worlds most talented Mini Ramp kings, and owner of Australia’s most successful bike company – Colony BMX.

    Since his early riding days back in 1988, Clint’s life has always been about BMX. He has done pretty much everything that can be done within the BMX community and needless to say, every facet of Freestyle in Australia wouldn’t be what it is today without the guy.

    A couple of weeks back Clint celebrated his 41st birthday. In his usual tradition he went out riding and filmed his birthday edit with Brisbane rider Alex Hiam and Videographer Troy Charlesworth.

    To this day, his riding is still inspring – so smooth, technical and he can still bust his old Flatland combos without too much fuss.

    If you would like to learn more about Clint’s competition history, check out the comp timeline here.

  4. 04. 1986 King of the Skateparks 2015

    Last year a bunch of the old 5 Dock riders got together and held a reunion at their old stomping grounds to celebrate the life of Sydney Freestyle king Pat Piercy.
    The day was a huge success with a solid turnout, BBQ, raffles, bikes on display and some great riding.

    This year the 1986 King of the Skateparks and Hell On Wheels are holding another BBQ and reunion but this time joining forces with BMXPO for a huge Show n Shine and BMX and Skate Jam.

    If you’re a lover of shiny old BMX bikes or simply want to ride the 5dock skate park, Sunday September 13 will be the day for it.

    The event kicks off at 10:00 am and be sure to get some raffle tickets – all proceeds are going to Beyond Blue and The Childhood Cancer Institute.

    Supported by Bmx Mafia, Hell on Wheels and 2020 BMX Magazine, Sheppard Industries, and Damon Bishop Graphics.

    In memory of Sydney Freestyle legend Pat Piercy.

  5. 05. Competition Timeline


    BMX in Australia has been documented as existing as early as the mid 1970s. It never ceases to amaze me that this sport and lifestyle of ours is still so young but come so far in the past 40 years. While this early history of the ‘dragster and dirt track come sanctioned body of BMX racing’ era is gaining some solid factual documentation, the emergence of Freestyle in Australia has a much murkier and less defined documented story.

    31 years ago this month celebrates the birth of our competition beginnings. I have been fortunate enough to have seen and been apart of 26 of those years and in that time the changes in comp rules, disciplines, formats and tricks have progressed immensely.

    After three years of research I am happy to announce the first five years of Australia’s competition history are now published on the Unscene website. The Competition Timeline will enable you to know the date, location, and competition results of riders who attended a certain event. While these first 15 years are far from complete (and there are more competitions and research that needs to be done) this timeline should provide us with a strong foundation and insight into how the competitions evolved over time.

    All the information posted on the timeline has been thoroughly researched and cross-referenced to ensure an extremely high level of accuracy. That said, there is still so much more to do. In the coming weeks I will continue to upload more dates from 1990 onwards but in the meantime, if you have any information I may not have please shoot me an email.

    What do I need from you? I am looking for solid information that I can do further research on. I am interested in seeing your trophies, comp flyers, newspaper and magazine advertisements, results, or anything else you think may be of use. I am specifically looking for Aussie Action, BMX National, or any other Australian BMX publications from the 80s and 90s.

    At the end of the day, Unscene aims to be the hub for all historical Freestyle content here in Australia. So please support this project and contribute to keeping our heritage pure.


  6. 06. Website Upgrade & Project Updates

    If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Unscene site recently you will notice it got a little facelift over the past few weeks.

    Unscene sponsor Lix Bacskay from LIX BMX did a stellar job in giving the website a much needed overhaul. Aside from the aesthetic changes, Lix added a few extra features and made the site much more user friendly and easier to navigate.

    In the coming weeks there will be some further upgrades including a page to promote the Unscene archives, book (which will be available in 2015), and a big cartel to sell Unscene merchandise to help fund future projects.

    Be sure to check out Lixy’s websites LIX BMX, WEALTH AND HELLBEING CREATIVE to see what other awesome things shes been up to. And if you need some design work done be sure to hit her up!




    While the news content has been a little slow here in the past six months, rest assured I have been super busy behind the scenes with future Unscene projects.

    Firstly, I wanted to say that the Unscene History project has grown much larger than I originally anticipated. From what started off as documenting process for the exhibit, the research has grown into a labour of love of a larger scale. Unscene has now grown into quite an extensive archive of Brisbane Freestyle history. 12 months ago I thought I had quite a collection of information but since the exhibit, more riders and folk from the old scene have emerged with contributions that have doubled the archives.

    So what are the archives exactly? The archives are the core of Unscene. A collection of photographs, documents, magazines, audio and video files, clothes, bikes, parts. I have been spending most of this year sorting through all the contributions, cataloging it all, sorting it into chronological order and creating a database for easy reference. To say the least its been a heck of a job but highly rewarding.

    One of the coolest things (and more importantly) all of the artifacts 100% related to the Brisbane or Australian scene. With a huge influx of imported BMX goods coming from places overseas or through eBay, I feel its really important to document and preserve the original content before it gets muddled up with international purchases or lost through restoration.

    Long term, the archives will be utilised for further research and couple up with future projects including the Unscene book, possible documentaries and future exhibitions. If you have something that you wish to contribute to the archives send a request by contacting me.



    Another part of Uncsene that I have been talking about is the timeline. With further thought and suggestion the timeline will now be featured as part of the Unscene book. I am really excited about the timeline because all of the information from the contributors and the archives create this long running account of what actually in the first 15-20 years of Brisbane freestyle. If you were riding during the late 70s, 80s or 90s, the timeline will bring back some great memories for you.


    The Unscene book is coming along slowly but nicely. I am still interviewing a stack of people and collecting more information and photographs but it is looking great.  I envisage a 150+ page coffee table book, hard covered with some of the most in depth information you will read on the Brisbane scene. The book should be a solid read with plenty of written content and some great pictures to boot. It will cover freestyle in Brisbane from the late 70s through to the mid 90s pre-Xtreme games era. Pre-orders will be available later this year.


    Finally, I am looking for anything that may assist with the Unscene projects. Things like video footage, photographs, copies of BMX National, Aussie Action, old ‘Zines, clothes, bikes, anything that is related to Australian freestyle. Please contact me, I would like to hear from you!





  7. 07. Back In The Day Jam – Today!



    Don’t forget to bring your bike and come down to the Jam today! See you there!

  8. 08. Back In The Day Jam – This Saturday!


    Its hard to imagine that for almost 30 years Doug Larsen Park has been home to ramp riders, bowl moles and even a few flatlanders.

    This Saturday, there will be a relaxed session down at Beenleigh to get a few of the old boys back on the bikes for an afternoon of hanging out and riding.

    All ages and bikes are welcome so come along from midday, the 26th of July, for a great day in the QLD sunshine.

  9. 09. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year peeps. After a much needed break I am super pumped to get back on the Unscene wagon and deliver some really cool projects for 2014. Firstly I want to thank everyone for backing Unscene last year. All the riders, contributors and people who came out to the exhibit and supported the website really made this project worth while.

    As most of you know, Unscene is dedicated to documenting and archiving the history of Brisbane Freestyle. What some of you may not know is during this process all the information and contributions come from the riders and industry people who were apart of the scene during this time. All the research that is compiled is verified through multiple reference points whether it be from riders, bike shop owners, competition organisers, newspaper clippings, journals, photographs, video, etc; to ensure maximum historical accuracy. In the past year I have come across a number of inconsistencies regarding Australian Freestyle history which were based on assumption or little supporting evidence. Not everything you read on social media and forums is necessarily true. Unscene aims to provide a resource hub based of factual evidence to support the history of our Freestyle scene.

    Unscene is proud to announce the Unscene Archives have grown quite considerably in the past two years with over 60 hours of rider interviews, 2500 photographs, an extensive collection of competition flyers, show dates, magazines & newspaper clippings, footage, clothing, and locally made frames and bike parts. With all this information coming through we have some great projects coming out in 2014.

    Firstly, the Brisbane Freestyle Timeline will be up and running in the next couple of months. This is the foundation of the Unscene project and will promise to provide factual insight into the original Freestyle scene of Brisbane. Outside of key dates, the timeline will feature photographs, newspaper clippings, links to videos and other media. Lix Bacskay of Lix BMX has been busy working on the back end of the site setting up the timeline program and upgrading the sites aesthetic. Lixy’s traditional art and design work has been gaining huge interest from international bike companies and industry people. Be sure to keep an eye out for her and coming BMX projects in the near future – you wont be disappointed!

    Next (and the big Unscene project for 2014) is the Unscene book. The books sole purpose is to describe and explain how the Freestyle scene in Brisbane started and the journey the riders and community took just prior to Extreme games era. The book sources information from rider interviews, footage, journal entries, photographs and newspaper and magazine clippings. Basic layouts and planning for the book started a week ago with pre-orders available mid year for a late 2014 release.

    Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 10.16.43 AM

    There are a few other smaller projects currently in the works including a map of the Brisbane Freestyle Teams (from 1979 – 1995) and a directory of all known Australian Freestyle competitions from the first competition to todays events. Also, Unscene shirts and stickers will be available later in the year. More information will available on these in the coming months with a few extra suprises thrown in! Stay tuned…


  10. 10. Welcome to the Unscene Family Lix Bacskay and Lix BMX!


    I am very excited to announce that with phase two of the Unscene projects starting 2014, Lix Bacskay of Lix BMX and Wealth & Hellbeing will be an official sponsor of Unscene History.

    For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet Lix, she is a very talanted Brisbane based traditional and graphic artist, web designer and custom BMX builder/rider. Lix possesses the creative ability, and understanding of BMX to assist in the refinement and aesthetic that the Unscene website requires. Lix also hosts Radventure – an all ages BMX ride with the intent to get people outdoors and meet people who love BMX.

    Keep an eye out for Lix and Lix BMX – I got a feeling you will be seeing more of her in the BMX scene.

    (Image courtesy of Lix BMX)

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