1. 01. Video Now Available on the Unscene Vimeo Page

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    The Unscene Vimeo page is now up and running. The aim of the page is to become a resource of old Brisbane Freestyle footage from pre-1995. If you have any VHS or Beta footage you would like to contribute please drop me a line and I can have it digitally converted and added to the Vimeo page.

    The first batch of video is courtesy of Carmelo Gilbert. The videos listed are the RADSports Freestyle Spectacular, August 1989 and a Beenleigh Competition from 87/88 I am yet to confirm. If you have any information on this comp please leave a comment.  Oh, and if you see yourself in any of the video leave a comment with your name and time you are featured in the video. Hopefully we can get text added to the footage at a later date.






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