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    Unscene History is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the Brisbane Freestyle scene from 1985-1995. This website is a platform to promote current Unscene projects, including the timeline (to be released November 2013) and the exhibit Unscene: A History of Brisbane Freestyle (1985-1995) (coming 26 & 27 October, 2013). This news feed will keep you up to date with both projects over the coming months. There will also be regular features on some of Brisbane’s most iconic Freestylers, teams, crews, comps, and jams.

    Unscene came to fruition after I wanted to gain a better insight into the Freestyle era that I grew up in and around, as a means to document it. People’s memories fade, some riders have passed away, and with such a gap between riding now and 25-plus years ago, there is distortion between what people recognise as “old school” bmx and fact. Unscene History aims to ensure our the local scene is preserved accurately.

    Currently, over 40 hours of interviews have been logged from riders, bike shop and company owners. In addition, dated photographs, personal journals, magazines, zines and newspaper clippings, video, clothing and bikes are being archived. All of this information combined helps to create a clearer understanding of Freestyle in Brisbane and invariably how Brisbane had an impact on Freestyle.

    Between the archived information, the timeline, and the exhibit, Unscene aims to present an unbiased and honest look at local Brisbane Freestyle and present it to the general public.

    As the current timeline solely covers the span of a decade, future projects have been planned to further research both prior 1985 and after 1995 to extend on future preservation.

    Unscene History is proudly sponsored by Brisbane based bike company, Colony BMX

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    Ross D Lavender, Curator.

    TIM WOOD copy

    Tim Wood performing a Turndown at an early Wheels Entertainment show, 1992.

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